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TelePsychiatry in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you feel under the weather, are on vacation, or are too busy to make it to the clinic, telepsychiatry is an excellent resource if you require either therapy or a prescription for medication! Here at Beauty & Brains, our psychiatric specialists can provide you with excellent Mental Wellness services from afar or in the comfort of your own home. 

TelePsychiatry Near Me in Los Angeles, CA
TelePsychiatry Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

Can telepsychiatry prescribe medication?

For sure! One of the many benefits of telepsychiatry is that you can receive a prescription for medication over the phone or through a video platform appointment with your psychiatrist. That said, there are specific standards that must be met before we can write up a prescription for you. Before we can write you a prescription for medication, a patient-provider relationship must first be established. If such a patient-provider relationship is not yet established, it can be done through an initial consultation, which will consist of a review of the patient’s medical history, medications they are currently taking, as well as an evaluation of your physical and mental health.

What is the best telehealth platform?

While it is difficult to say with any objectivity what the best telehealth platform is, it is essential that the video platform is both secure and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. Such standards and security will ensure that the information you share with your psychiatrist or doctor is kept confidential on an encrypted network. In terms of convenience, the best telehealth platforms are also compatible with a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Here at Beauty & Brains, you can rest assured that our telepsychiatry platform meets all the required standards with flying colors while also providing you with a convenient and highly accessible experience! Your privacy and ease of access are at the top of our priority list regarding our telepsychiatry appointments. For that reason, we also recommend that you connect to a private network for any telepsychiatry appointment.

Are there any cons to telemedicine?

As long as telemedicine is used for the situations it was designed for, it is difficult to find any cons to it! That said, it should not be treated as a substitute for in-person appointments with your psychiatrist or doctor, as there are irreplaceable benefits from such appointments. For instance, your psychiatrist or doctor will not be able to have as thorough an evaluation of your mental or physical health if the appointment is conducted virtually or over the phone. With that in mind, the benefits of telemedicine are best suited for individuals who are too sick to leave the house, do not want to risk contracting a virus, are unable to find a means of transportation to get to the clinic, or are simply too busy to get away from the house, whether as a result of work or the demands of parenting.

Does insurance cover telepsychiatry appointments?

If you have a medical insurance plan, it will most likely provide coverage for your telepsychiatry appointments. We would be happy to accommodate any insurance plan for you at Beauty & Brains! We kindly ask you to verify your coverage’s specific details directly with your benefits provider before your appointment to avoid any confusion or inconveniences.

If you are looking for flexible psychiatric treatment, we are delighted to provide you with both telepsychiatry and in-person appointments at Beauty & Brains! For an appointment, visit our website or call us for further instructions on how to set up a virtual appointment. You can also find information such as our hours of operation and clinic location on our website.